What Time of Year Is Best to Replace Windows?


Replacing windows takes a significant amount of time and planning, especially if you’ll be replacing a large number of them. If there are any ways to make this process a little easier, why wouldn’t you try it?

One way to ease this renovation project is to make sure you’re scheduling work during the right time of year. You can have your windows replaced at any time of year, each with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

However, the best time of year to replace windows in Virginia is late spring or early summer. Here are some of the reasons to choose this time of year over others.

Keep Out Cold Drafts

No matter what time of year you choose to replace your windows, you’re removing an important insulator for your home and allowing the outside elements to get inside. If you replace your windows during the colder months, you let a lot of cold air into your home.

Depending on how long the project takes, your home will lose a lot of heat — and it can take a while to get it warmed up again. You may have to wait longer for all the windows to be installed in the winter, too. If there has been any snowfall before work begins, it could really slow down the installation team.

When you replace your windows in the spring or summer, you avoid all these issues.

Easily Contain the Warm Air

Similarly to cold air being let in during winter installation, you’ll let in warm air during a spring or summer installation. However, it’s easy to contain this warm air. As your old windows are being taken out, you can shut the doors of those rooms. If you have an open-concept home, you can use fans to get the air moving. Warm, stagnant air can be very uncomfortable, but there are simple ways for keeping your home cool.

Isolating the warm air will help keep your home at a more comfortable temperature until the job is finished.

Installation Goes Faster

Like we mentioned before, winter makes window replacements much more difficult. Even though the spring and summer have their own weather considerations, there’s a much greater chance that the project will be finished faster. The key is scheduling around potential thunder or rain storms.

In late spring and early summer, the temperatures are still more moderate and you don’t see as many storms as late summer. This creates the perfect condition for installing your new windows. The installation team doesn’t have to fight through the snow on the ground and freezing temperatures — they’ll be comfortable and motivated to get the job done.

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