What is Rake Board?

 width=Rake board gives your roof and the eaves the finished look you want to really enhance the ambiance of the exterior appearance. This is the name given to the board that you place on along the slope of the roof of your home.  When roofing is part of home improvement , VA contractors will always include the installation of roof boards in the project.  At Sunshine Contracting we use only the best material in rake boards. In addition to adding the proper accent to your home we make sure that it gets the protection that it needs from the elements of the weather.

Installation of rake board

Our installers for rake board in home improvement, VA residents will certainly tell you, are the best in the roofing business in the state. Even though it is called board, rake trim actually comes in rolls. We take the time to cut the pieces into the lengths required and lay them on the ground directly below the part of the roof slope where they are to be installed. Even though this process seems to be a simple one, it does require that Sunshine Contracting send two installers to do the work. This is because one installer stands on the ladder and the other person must pass up the rake board.

The process of installing rake board is one that requires concentration in home improvement. VA installers hired at Sunshine Contracting have engaged in training courses in the proper methods of installation and have the certification to prove that they are the experts in this area.

How we work with rake board

Each piece of rake board has to be hooked along the top edge of the trim that you have on the fascia board. With it held flat against the fascia, the installer will then screw it in place using a drill. Rubber gaskets placed between the screws and the rake board serve as a protection for the board and to seal the hole made by the screw.

With the training that we bring to every job we do for home owners in Virginia we know the proper spacing of the screws to ensure that it remains solidly in place. The recommended distance between the screws is 10 inches, but when this is not possible they can be placed a few inches one way or the other. There is no doubt that our workmanship is exceptional due to the diligence that we put into the way in which we do any work on your home.

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