What is Fascia Board?

All contractors in Virginia that work in home construction or improvement are very familiar with the use of fascia board for providing the finishing touch to the trim on your home. However, few of them hold the certification in the installation of vinyl siding and the accents as we do at Sunshine Contracting.  The use of this board is very important in ensuring that the roof has the proper blockage from the outside. When installing it we place it horizontally along the bottom edge of the rood. In addition to offering protection for the roof and providing a base on which you can install the gutters,  it also adds curb appeal by enhancing the look of your home.

Types of Fascia Board

Although fascia board is usually made from wood, contractors in Virginia can use other types of material. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type before you decide on the accent you want for your home. Our professionals at Sunshine Contracting offer exceptional advice so that you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

The various types of material used for fascia board are:

  • Wood.  The fascia board is a straight piece of wood that you nail onto the roof. You will need to scrape and paint the board on a regular basis to prevent it from looking neglected and become susceptible to rot.
  • PVC. This is a hard plastic material that is much more durable than wood. You do nail it in place but it is low maintenance material. You can obtain this type of fascia board in a wide range of colors to match the color of your home.
  • Metal. Metal fascia is used along with wood to offer more protection for the eaves of your home. One of the disadvantages of choosing this type of fascia is that it doesn’t provide you with the base you need for gutters.
  • Composite. Trex is one of the types of fascia board we sell at Sunshine Contracting. It will outlast both wood and PVC. Plus we are one of the few contractors in Virginia who have the certified technicians for the installation of Trex.

Installation of fascia board

Installation of fascia board is a standard part of our roofing and siding process. We always inform our customers about its benefits especially if they are remodeling an older home that didn’t have this type of accent already in place.

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