What Are the Elements of Roof Installation?

When you realize that you must install a new roof then you need to hire a Virginia licensed contractor for the job. There is no better company for this type of work than Sunshine Contracting because our professionals have both the experience and the expertise that you need for such a large job. The style of roof you choose won’t be a problem because installing a new roof involves the same elements regardless of the shape or style.

Materials needed for roof installation

We have all the materials you need when it comes to your roofing project.   The elements of a roof install include:

  • Plywood
  • Felt paper
  • Ice and water shield
  • Drip edge
  • Flashing
  • Shingles
  • Ridge vent

The cost of all the materials and labor is included in the estimate we provide to you!

The process of installing your new roof

The first step in replacing the roof of your home is to remove the present roof.  To do this, our installers use a specific roofing tool that removes the existing shingles, nails, and undersheathing.  There will be some debris associated with this process, but don’t be alarmed because as part of your contract with Sunshine Contracting we take care of the removal and clean-up of any debris that results from the job.  We thoroughly check the yard and using a nail magnet to pick up any nails.

Once we remove the shingles we inspect the plywood.  If any of it needs to be replaced we will replace it, as is required by law.  We don’t unnecessarily take out any plywood unless we need to do so.  Once we are satisfied with the condition of the plywood we start at the eaves and install the ice and water shield all along the eaves, around the chimney and skylights it you have these elements, and in any valleys.  The installation of the drip edge around the eaves comes next so that the shingles will not sag over the edge of the roof and will properly guide the water into your gutters.

The next step in installing a roof involves the placement of felt paper to create a vapor barrier between the plywood and the elements of the weather. This prevents any build-up of condensation. Pipe collars are fitted around any vent pipes and the flashing comes next.  There are two types of flashing – step flashing for the places where the roof meets a vertical surface of the siding and apron flashing where the roof meets a wall of siding.  All areas are caulked before the shingles are installed. The final step is to place the ridge shingles on the peak of the roof.

Also offered with our roofing products is the incredible GAF Systems Plus Warranty.

As you can see from the process used at Sunshine Contracting, we take great care in ensuring that you have the best and most secure roof for your home!  Call Sunshine Contracting today for a free roof estimate!

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