Vytex Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Since 1988, Vytex has manufactured and installed some of the highest-rated windows in the United States. As one of the top window companies in the country, Vytex provides the highest quality at the most affordable prices and is leading the way in window innovation.

Sunshine Contracting offers the following lines of Vytex double-hung windows (click below on each series to learn more about styles, color options, and U-factors):

All Vytex (vinyl) double hung windows are manufactured with the highest-grade materials available. The use of high-grade materials combined with the quality and care given to each individual window in manufacturing and installation, have allowed Vytex to guarantee that all of their windows meet—and most exceed—industry standards.

Vytex, which offers three distinct lines of double hung windows (Potomac, Fortis and Georgetown), provides excellence in energy-efficiency. The Potomac series of windows far exceeds all Energy Star requirements. The Fortis series, the newest addition to the Vytex line of double hung windows, features the world’s most advanced eco-friendly technologies, making it one of the most efficient window systems in the world. The Georgetown series also offers a number of energy efficient options that set it apart from other standard double hung windows.

Vytex windows also offer a number of safety features that provide peace of mind for buyers. These features include interlocking sashes, welded frame and sash corners, and deluxe limit locks. Deluxe limit locks allow for increased security even while the window is opened for ventilation.

Along with safety and energy-efficient features, the easy-use design of Vytex double hung windows allows for no-hassle window cleaning and ensures the long-term beauty the windows, which are only installed by specially-trained Vytex staff.

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