Virginia Home Improvement – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Some homeowners assume that all the money they invest in home improvements will add to the value of their home, helping them to get a better price if they ever choose to sell it. Unfortunately, things are not so simple, as any Virginia home improvement company would explain. Some improvements make living in the house more pleasant, but they don’t increase its value by much.

Keeping that in mind, here are some home improvement mistakes to avoid when remodeling old houses or doing house renovation.

  • Don’t install an in-ground swimming pool if you don’t have one already. A swimming pool will only make your house more difficult to sell – not all types of buyers actually want a swimming pool, mostly because of its high maintenance costs, and the dangers it poses for little children.
  • Don’t turn your kitchen into a gourmet’s paradise. Every house buyer wants a nice kitchen, but few are willing to spend on high-end appliances and tiles. The kitchen should never be much above the other rooms of the house in value.
  • Don’t build a sunroom. A sunroom is not a good Virginia home improvement idea for most houses, as you rarely get more than 50% of your initial investment on it. What’s more, a sunroom typically increases energy costs.
  • Don’t build another garage. The return on investment rarely exceeds 60% while the investment required is at least $10,000. Choose instead to improve the roofing, the gutters, and the insulation of your existing garage, using long-lasting high-quality materials.
  • Don’t overspend on landscape gardening. A nice garden is a good addition to every home. But most home buyers are not really eager to spend pay more for a garden. Your garden should be well-kept, but not extravagant.

Avoid the mistakes mentioned here when doing Virginia home improvement and you will not have any big regrets later on. To get the best results when doing home improvement and remodeling, look for professional, experienced, and cost-effective local contractor like Sunshine Contracting.

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