VA Contractors Can Help Select Right Roof for Your Home

One area of a home that is too often overlooked is the roof and since many of the materials used for roofing will last 15, 20 years or more, homeowners tend to ignore their roof until a leak is detected. VA contractors, when working on other parts of a home will usually take a look at the roof and can make recommendations if attention is needed.

Asphalt shingles are the most common in use since they are available in many colors and can stand up to a range of weather. They are usually the least expensive and serve well simply by their design. The layers of asphalt shingles typically have three tabs and when professionally installed the tabs create a gutter effect guiding water off the roof and into the home’s gutter system.

Some VA contractors may recommend wood shake shingles to go along with the style of the home while others may prefer slate to provide a more long-lasting roof on the house. The style of the home as well as the slope of the roof will also play in the decision of roofing materials. A flat roof for example, will not use wood or slate shingles and are usually covered with a roll asphalt roofing material.

The roof’s deck material will also play into the decision. Slate requires a much stronger deck than asphalt. If the roof has previously had a second layer of asphalt shingles applied, it may need to be removed before a new roof can be installed due to the extra weight on the deck.

Reputable VA contractors will help homeowners make the right call on the type of material that is best for their home to prevent early wear and leaks, first and second what will benefit the home’s appearance the best. Although the homeowner’s budget will be a major part of this decision, a home improvement company will generally work with homeowners to ensure their home is properly protected at a price they can afford.

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