Top 5 Home Improvements for Spring

Mcclura JH Siding Before After

When the season changes to spring, home improvements often spring to mind. It’s the perfect time to make some of those changes you’ve been thinking about all winter. If you’re looking for some ideas for some of the best home improvement projects for spring, look no further. Here are some of the top seasonal home improvements to consider.

1. Roof Inspection/Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters when spring arrives is a must. Clogged gutters are unsightly and unable to do their job, and may even break if left unattended for too long. Unclogging gutters is unpleasant, but not difficult, and is an important chore. While you’re checking out your gutters, inspect your roof. A harsh winter can be very tough on a roof, and spring is the time to check for wear, missing or broken tiles, and leaks. This is the time to repair your roof or, if you’ve had the roof a long time and the imperfections are really starting to show, consider putting in a new roof altogether.

2. Painting

Spring is a great time to repaint your home. A fresh coat of paint can eliminate imperfections, make your home look newer and protect your house from harsh weather conditions down the road. While you’re thinking about an exterior paint job, spring isn’t a bad time to add a fresh new color to some rooms inside your home as well.

3. Trim and Accents

Along with painting the exterior of your home, adding trim and accents is one of those home improvements for spring that can create that special level of detail that really makes your home stand out. Trim and accents can boost curb appeal and even increase the value of your home. Popular trim and accent additions include rake, the board that runs across your roofline; fascia, the board that finishes the roof line which you can attach the gutters to; and frieze, a board on top of the home’s siding.

4. New Deck

Spring is a great time to build a new deck. A deck is a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful spring weather with friends and family. They look great, and the right contractor can build you a fantastic deck that lasts and lasts in a fairly short amount of time.

5. Skylights

Now that there’s more sun to enjoy, why not fully enjoy it by putting in a skylight? A skylight is a great green home improvement that saves you money on lighting and adds beauty. Enjoy more light in your home during the day and the ability to gaze at the stars in the spring night sky from inside your home.

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