Three Ways Replacement Windows Will Save You Money on Your Monthly Bills

If you find that your windows are drafty in the winter and feel hot to the touch in the summer, your house may be the perfect candidate for replacement windows. While you can seal your drafty windows with caulking or by redoing the window frames, you can benefit in many ways by replacing old single-paned, non-coated windows with more energy efficient, newer grades of glass. What are the major ways that you can decrease your bills by replacing some or all of your windows?

  1. By replacing your windows and frame, you can eliminate flaws and repair worn areas where the window is inserted. Long-lasting wooden composite frames are the best if you want your investment to last the lifetime of your home. By not allowing cold air into the home in winter, your heater will be more efficient. You will use much less oil, gas or electricity in heating your home and maintaining temperature. In the summer, your air conditioner will work overtime if it cannot hold your home at a given temperature. You will save not only on A/C costs for running your equipment, but on maintenance costs as well. An Air conditioner that doesn’t run all the time will last much longer.
  2. New glass is made with protective and reflective coatings. These ‘Low-E’ coatings along with reflective properties not only keep the sun from overheating your home (if you are in an area that is quite sunny), but will keep the sun from fading your furniture, carpeting, paint and artwork. Not only do you save on energy costs, but you save by not having to replace or repair these items as much.
  3. New windows are created with multiple layers of glass. This provided added insulation that will decrease the radiance of your windows, thus decreasing the energy loss from your home. If you have ever noticed frost on your windows or felt your windows during a warm day and it feels hot to the touch, this is the radiance effect. Multiple panes of glass will eliminate frost and will also keep heat from escaping outward during the winter as well as keep the sun from heating your cool home through the glass in the summer.

While replacing all the windows in your home may be quite expensive, it might be wise to choose particular key windows to replace that are particularly bad insulators and are exposed to the elements more than your other windows. By doing this you can save a great deal of money not only on your energy bills, but on other maintenance bills as well.

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