The Elegant Appeal of Stone Veneer Siding

Nothing beats the timeless appeal and charm of a stone house, but in today’s world, this would be a very expensive option for home improvement. VA homes do have the look of stone without the expense because the Virginia contractors use stone veneer siding. It is also known as faux stone siding and looks and feels just like the real thing. The main difference, in addition to the cheaper cost, is the ease with which general contractors in Virginia such as Sunshine Contracting can install this on your home.

Types of Stone Veneer Siding

There are two main choices in stone veneer siding for your needs in home improvement, VA.

Our natural stone veneer siding for use in exterior home remodeling is manufactured by Environmental StoneWorks. It is made from real stone that has been cut into thin slices so that it doesn’t weigh as much as a larger stone would. Even though real stones are used to make stone veneer siding for home improvement, VA siding uses stone that is native to the state. This means that you can have a variety of stones in the siding. When you make the purchase, you generally cannot specify a particular stone for the Virginia contractor that is doing the work for you.

The second type of stone veneer siding is that of artificial stone siding for your home improvement. VA homeowners like the fact that they can have the look of natural stone for a more affordable price and it weighs less than real stone. You can paint it any color that you want for affordable home remodeling. The only drawback is that it is not as eco-friendly as natural stone siding would be.

The Lasting Value of Stone Veneer Siding

Get the look of olden times when you use stone veneer siding for home improvement. Most homeowners want to get back to the basics and reach back in time when having a house made from stones was reserved for only the wealthy. Today that is not the case because home remodeling contractors such as Sunshine Contracting can complete the job quickly and easily, thus reducing your installation costs.

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