The Benefits of Hiring a Contractor to Install Your Siding

Siding installation is a very intricate home improvement project. If you are not experienced in siding installation, your install can go bad very easily. When a siding install is problematic and not done according to specification and code, various consequences follow such as:

  • A voided warranty from the manufacturer of your siding.
  • Buckled and misshapen siding if fastened improperly. This will cause water to collect under the siding causing significant damage to your home over time.
  • Missing key housing code laws, exposing you to fines after inspection.

Because of these potential problems, it is in your best interest to find a good contractor who is experienced and reputable. When you search for a contractor there are several points to remember. Be up front at all times with your potential contractor. You must always conduct interviews with several contractors in order to intelligently determine which contractor is right for the job.

The first consideration is to make sure that you, as a homeowner, are protected. Any contractor you hired must have the proper insurance including liability insurance and workman’s comp insurance. Without these protections in place, workers can sue the homeowner for medical costs if they are injured on the job. In addition, the company should have the proper licensing and credentials. They should have both local and state credentials. Contractors who have both local and state licensing know the codes intimately and have no excuse to not follow the building code laws. Another important protection is to garner referrals and recommendations from the company and from people who have had work done with your preferred contactors. If a company cannot or will not give you referrals, something is wrong and you should seek another contractor.

A very important consumer protection is the warranty offered by the contractor. If you side your own home, you of course would have to guarantee your own work and do your own repairs. However, if you hire a contractor, they should be able to give you a substantial warranty on their workmanship. This warranty should be in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the siding materials. The warranty should be in writing, signed and copied for your records.

While siding your house on your own may save you some money, in the long run it can cost you a great deal if you are not meticulous about the job. Having a contractor relieves you of some of the pressure of needing to be perfect when you are likely unskilled at the task. Therefore, although you may need to pay a little more in the short run, in the long run you will be glad you made the decision to put such a large specialized job into the hands of capable workmen.

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