Spring Cleaning! Upgrade the Appearance of Your Home’s Exterior

 width=When we think of spring cleaning, we think of dusting the inside of our houses and getting rid of anything we don’t seem to use anymore. But isn’t spring cleaning about getting your property ready for the sun and summertime? You start to cut your grass, and work on trimming shrubs in front of your house when you realize the wind and cold through the winter has caused your siding to fade or your gutters to crack. All of a sudden, your quick and painless spring cleaning project has become an extensive process.

In order to know whether you need improvements to upgrade the appearance of your home’s exterior, you will benefit by walking around your property, giving a long look at the condition of your home. Examine the property and your home, walk around the house, double and triple check to make sure everything appears sturdy and the performance is up to standards. The change of weather can take a toll on the look of your house, so check up and down the exterior for any damage.

Either start from the bottom or start with the roof shingles. Any damage—cracks or leaks—can cause a flood during the next rainstorm. Speaking of rain, be sure to clean or check the performance of your seamless gutter in Fairfax County. Clean them out, or think about upgrading to a leaf protection gutter so you won’t have to spend time cleaning out the leaves in your gutter.

Take a close look at your chimney, all parts of the siding, as well as windows. You don’t have a trained eye, so if you need help spotting a potential problem, don’t hesitate to reach out. The smallest crack in your siding can have the biggest consequence. Spring is the best time of year to inspect your property. The weather warms up—but isn’t too hot—and you can see the effects the winter had on your home.

When you feel the need to hire a siding company in Fairfax County, our team at Sunshine Contracting Corporation has spring specials for you to consider. We possess a number of awards and certifications for our excellent work, and are providing you with up to 20% off our services. Don’t wait until the next thunderstorm when your home starts to flood to contact a home improvement company. It’s spring cleaning! Call now.

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