General Contractor Virginia Based Tells More About Your Siding Options

Whether you’re constructing a new home from the ground up or looking to spruce up your existing home, siding can be a relatively fast and easy way to give your place a distinct look while adding value and protection. With the help of Virginia licensed contractors, you can select siding that answers many of your remodeling or construction needs. Here are a few of the most common questions when selecting siding for your home.

Q: What is siding?

A: Siding is an outer covering that is placed on a house to protect it from the damaging effects of the weather. In addition, siding can also be a design element that can improve the appearance of a home with installed over a damaged exterior.

Q: What types of siding is available?

A: Siding can come in a variety of materials, each with different appearances and properties. Siding can be made of wood, vinyl, aluminum or slate (stone) or composite material. In addition, some siding can be made from recycled material, making it very environmentally friendly and an affordable home remodeling option.

Q: What are the advantages of wood siding?

A: When using wood siding for exterior home remodeling, homeowners can give their property a rustic look that is not only classic but also renewable and biodegradable. Unless properly treated by Virginia licensed contractors, however, wood siding shingles may have to be replaced over time.

Q: What are the advantages of vinyl siding?

A: When performing exterior home remodeling, vinyl siding is proving to be a big request from Virginia licensed contractors because of its durability and ease of maintenance. Vinyl siding can come in a variety of colors, making it easy to match it to existing home elements. In addition, if a section of vinyl siding is damaged, it can easily be replaced without major renovation.

Q: What are the benefits of siding?

A: Siding can be used to quickly and easily beautify a home when remodeling old houses whose original sides have been damaged by the elements. In addition, siding provides insulation that can keep a house warm in the summer and cooler in the winter.

Consult a Virginia licensed contractor to learn more about the options available in siding and which type of siding is best for your home.

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