Should You Get Insulation When Replacing Siding?

 width=For all exterior projects in replacing siding for Virginia home improvement, homes should also have new insulation installed before any siding goes on. The reason for this is simple. Insulation provides a protective barrier against loss of air and heat from the home and prevents water moisture form causing mold or mildew to develop. However installing insulation serves other important purposes as our experts at Sunshine Contracting will tell you. These are:

  • It keeps insects out that could cause infestation and rot on the sheathing
  • It prevents small pieces of dust and dirt from clogging the space between the siding and the structure of the home
  • It increases the energy efficiency of the home by preventing air from getting through

What to look for in siding insulation

We have the personnel at Sunshine Contracting to offer you superb assistance for choosing the best insulation to use for installing new siding in Virginia home improvement projects. Homeowners have a choice in the type of insulation they choose for this purpose. The choices that we offer are:

  • Green Guard RainDrop Insulation
  • Polar Wrap Insulation
  • Progressive Foam Insulation

However, there are some criteria that you should look for that is common to all types:

  • The insulation should be the same size and shape of the siding so that there won’t be any space in which anything harmful can accumulate.
  • The siding should not appear hollow when you push on it. Instead the insulation should make it feel solid.
  • The insulation should be fire retardant.
  • It should have the R-value that matches the Virginia climate.

Save money with siding insulation

There is no doubt that when they are doing Virginia home improvement, residents have a budget in mind.. We have seen many homeowners at Sunshine Contracting that do not realize that they should have insulation installed as part of the siding project. We point out the many benefits of this aspect to them and show them how they can actually save money by spending a bit more.  When they realize the amount of damage that can result because they skip over the importance of insulation they can see how it can save them from having to call us in for costly repairs in the future.

To help them make the right decision we do tell them the advantages of each of the types of insulation we carry and let them make up their own minds.

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