Home Improvement Contractors Can Help You Save the Environment and Money By ‘Going Green’

It used to be that when it came to cutting energy costs and protecting the environment, homeowners found themselves at a crossroads.  Reducing the amount of energy you home consumed and wasted usually involved a lot of plastic, synthetic foams and other less-than-biodegradable material to insulate it and keep heat/cold air from escaping. But as the demand grew for more sustainable material to be used in home improvement, VA residents are finding it’s getting easier to be “green”.

“Green” housing materials are those materials that not only reduce the energy demands of your home but also are earth-friendly in both construction and disposal. These green features can be as complex as solar panels installed on a home to a simple monitor that controls the lights in your home. Home remodeling and repair professionals are hearing from many homeowners who want to make their property as energy efficient as possible while using methods and materials that are earth-friendly.

These “green” features and options extend to all parts of the home, from the outside in, and include:

Replacing old windows and doors or installing new windows and doors and utilizing energy efficient ones that have the Energy Star seal of approval. Not only do door contractors and widow installers offer products that reduce leaks but also they often come with special coating that cuts down on harmful UV rays.

Building materials (siding, fences, decks, etc.) that are made from recycled products and are offered by many home remodeling service companies.

Programmable thermostats that regulate when and how often your heating and cooling elements operate, an option in home improvement Va. residents are using to run these elements only when you need them.

Directional heating and cooling systems that can control where your energy goes. If you have a central heating or cooling system, you can direct which room receive heat and which rooms (generally under-used or unoccupied rooms) do not.

Attic insulation and venting installed by home remodeling and repair companies, which not only keep heat in during the winter but also allow it to escape in the summer, keeping your entire house cooler.

Passive solar heating techniques, which include installing more windows to let in more sunlight, planting more trees and more plants to provide shade and protection from high winds and roof overhangs (when constructing a new home) to provide more shade.

With these and other energy-saving options in home improvement, Va. residents can keep their energy costs down without sacrificing beauty and style.

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