Roofing Ventilation and Renovation Keeps Energy Costs Down Say Contractors in Virginia

Thanks to rising costs, most homeowners are working hard to keep their energy costs from going through the roof. And, ironically, this may be the best area for them to start. By making home improvement and remodeling changes to their roofing area, homeowners can begin to see substantial energy savings almost immediately.

Elementary school science has taught most of us that heat rises. This may be a good thing for hot air balloonists, but it’s a bad thing for homeowners with poorly ventilated roofing systems in need of the services of a building contractor. In the summertime, a poorly ventilated roof area means that upper floor rooms – bedrooms, etc. – can be excessively hot and often unbearable without constant air conditioning. In the wintertime, the heat that is generated by the furnace can rise and escape through cracks in the frame of the house and force the furnace to work harder to keep the home at a constant temperature.

The result of all this is higher energy bills. Experts state that almost one-third of all of the heat created by the home is lost by a poorly ventilated roofing area. But instead of seeing their energy bills rise higher and higher each year, homeowners can take steps to reduce the problem with home remodeling measures such as insulating their attic, installing manual or automatic vents that allow hot air to escape or installing special tiles on their room that reflect sunlight away and in turn, cut down on excessive heat build-up in upper floors.

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