Remodeling: How To Protect Yourself Against Shoddy Workmanship

Remodeling a home can be a stressful and tiring ordeal for homeowners. Beginning with the bidding process and throughout the entire project, homeowners often find themselves at wit’s end during a remodel. Commonly the same homeowners find, however, that the results more than make up for any strain the process put upon them, especially if the job is done efficiently and effectively. If it isn’t, however, the process can be an absolute nightmare. Remodels that are done sloppily or hastily leave homeowners worse off than they were before; not only did they spend thousands on the project, but now they are in need of spending thousands more just to get the house back to its original condition.

There are two mistakes that homeowners make somewhat often that can land them in such predicament. The first, and probably most common, is accepting the lowest bid regardless of any other factors. Often, there is a reason why the lowest bid is the lowest. Virginia state laws require contractors to be licensed and to carry liability insurance. Frequently, contractors who are able to drastically outbid others are not following the laws of the state, and therefore if anything goes wrong during the process you will have no recourse to pursue them.

Even if there is no excessively low bid that raises a red flag, homeowners still want to verify the licensure and certifications of the potential contractors. Sunshine Contracting maintains a Class A Contractors license in the state of Virginia, meaning that they are able to take on even the most difficult and extensive projects. Sunshine Contracting also has numerous other certifications which, while not necessarily required, speak to their competence. Some of these certifications require numerous practical tests and competency exams in order to achieve, and Sunshine’s list of competencies is quite extensive. The key to protecting yourself from poor craftsmanship is to hire someone who you know will do the job right the first time. Sunshine Contracting holds all of these certifications so that you will trust them implicitly with your remodeling needs.

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