Door Contractors – Open Your Eyes to the Visual Possibilities of New Doors

They may be a relatively minor item on your home, one that takes very little space when compared to windows or siding. But without doors a home would definitely not be the same. Doors are the portals to our lives, allow us to receive guests or head out into the world. While they may be primarily functional items, they can also be things of beauty that add to the overall look and even the value of our homes. Homeowners who consult contractors in Virginia are discovering the wide variety of options that exist today in the category of doors.

Doors are found throughout the house, from the front entrance to the rear area and everywhere in between – bedrooms, dining rooms, sunrooms, etc. Because of this wide variety of uses, doors come in a number of styles and designs. There are wood doors, steel doors, glass doors, doors that slide, doors that fold and doors that open automatically. A door contractor can explain the many styles and uses of specific door types.

Some of various types of doors available for new homes or a house renovation by contractors in Virginia include:

Exterior doors
These are the doors that are placed at the front or rear of your home. Because they are exposed to the outside, they should not only provide protection from the elements but security as well. Exterior doors can come in wood or steel for strength and include deadbolt locks for security. While the doors can be solid material, design features such as beveling or glass inserts can be used to make them fit the rest of your home’s décor.

Patio doors
Because patio doors often lead to a sunny deck or, yes, a patio, they often not only provide security but are often constructed of metal or wood frames and large glass inserts to allow the sun to shine through. In addition, patio doors are often sliding doors, making it easy for families to enter and exit with barbecue or pool equipment.

French doors
A building contractor may suggest French doors for those rooms where you want the exposure to the sunlight that you get with a patio door but the option for privacy as well. French doors are usually two doors that meet together and are hinged on either side or slide open. They may each consist of a single pane of glass or several pieces of glass divided by a grid of wooden slats.

Contractors in Virginia can assist you in finding the right door for your needs and one that compliments the overall look of your home.

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