Contractors VA Based About Leaf Guard Gutters

A grove of lush, green trees around a home can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be a nuisance when fall arrives. As leaves begin to drop from the trees, they can accumulate in a home’s gutters and create a clog. That clog can cause water to build up and overflow, which itself can create a number of additional problems such as rust in the gutters, roof leaks and a weakening of the home’s foundation. Fortunately, Virginia licensed contractors can show homeowners how a gutter with leaf guards can help prevent many of these problems in one simple step.

Gutters are designed to guide water that collects and runs down a roof away from a house. The gutter runs along the edge of the room and guides rainwater to a downspout where it is guided away from the foundation of the home and lets it disperse into the earth. But when debris such as leaves, twigs and other objects collect in the gutter, it can block the drainage system and let water accumulate in sections. The sitting water, home remodeling contractors state, can build up and wear away at the metal gutter, causing rust, which can, in turn, create holes. A clogged gutter can also prevent water from flowing away from the roof, where it can lead through cracks into the house.

Finally, a gutter than is not functioning property can fail to guide water away from the house and, instead, allow it to pool right near the foundation where it can weaken walls over time.

Fortunately, gutter guards can prevent many of these problems. Gutter guards, as the name might suggest, are covers that are installed over gutters by an exterior home remodeling professional and prevent leaves and other debris from falling in, thus eliminating clogs. Gutter guards may be metal mesh coverings or solid covers that allow water to flow under but keep debris out. They are recommended by many custom home remodeling professionals.

If you want avoid problems with your gutters, or prevent problems from occurring again and incurring hundreds of dollars in repair work, consult Virginia licensed contractors to discover how a simple gutter guard can wash away complex problems.

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