James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding Is a Great Choice for Your Home Exterior

James Hardie® Product Overview

James Hardie® is the leading brand of siding in America.  There are many good reasons for this.  Not only is it strong, beautiful, and durable but also has been engineered with special properties unique to James Hardie siding.  All James Hardie siding is fiber cement, which is superior to other types of siding in many ways.  Its most popular product is HardiePlank® lap siding, which is part of the HardieZone® System.  All HardieZone System products come with a non-prorated 30 year warranty, which is better than any warranty available from any other company.

HardieZone® System

The special properties unique to James Hardie siding are primarily related to climactic variables.  These properties have been specially engineered in conjunction with the HardieZone System, which James Hardie developed to address the effects of climatic variables on the long term performance of siding. No other siding company offers product line variations that are climate specific; the others offer only “a one-siding-fits-all solution”.

James Hardie developed two product lines, the HZ5® and the HZ10®, with unique properties engineered to extend the performance of its siding in different climates.  There are eight climatic variables: 1) temperature range, 2) UV, 3) humidity, 4) rainfall, 5) snow, 6) hail, 7) hurricane, and 8) topographic factors.  Using these variables as a basis, James Hardie identified ten climactic zones and developed the Climactic Map. The Climactic Map shows the ten climatic zones identified in the HardieZone System and the product lines engineered to cover those zones.  Zones 1-5 are covered by the HZ5® line.  The HZ5® siding has characteristics appropriate for extreme cold, temperature swings, snow, and ice. The HZ10® product line covers zones 6-10.  The HZ10® products are engineered to perform in climates with higher heat, humidity, rain, wind, and sea salt.  Thanks to the HardieZone System, homeowners can now choose the best siding for the climate in which their home is located.

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