How to Tell if Your Windows Need Replacing

When you build your home and put in the windows you should know that they won’t last forever. Sooner or later you will have to consider replacing them. There are certain signs that will tell you whether or not you need to contact us at Sunshine Contracting to assist you in the choice of windows and to do the installation for you. When your windows start to wear as a result of time and the elements of the weather then you lose much of your heat through them, resulting in having to need more electricity to heat your home.

Signs that you need new windows

Some helpful tips to think about are:

  • If you are sitting by the window and you feel a draft, this means that the insulation around the window has failed, or your windows are old and has lost its insulating value. It is not only when it is cold outside that you can feel a draft. When you have air-conditioning on in the summer, you will be able to feel a draft of warm air.
  • Look for signs of wear (warping, rotting frames, chipping, stains)
  • Air infiltration around your windows causing high energy bills.  Stand near the window with a light candle. If there is wind coming in around the window it will blow out the candle.
  • Sometimes the window won’t stay open on its own. This is a sign that you need to call to visit us at Sunshine Contracting for a new window.
  • If your home was built before 1978, your windows may contain lead and need to be replaced
  • Condensation accumulating on the inside of the window or if you notice any frost or ice on the interior of the glass, or condensation between the panes
  • Areas around the windows are soft or wet to touch

Problems from the outside

Not all problems that result in the need for window replacement can be determined from inside your home. You should inspect the facings of the window on the outside for rot and damage. Chances are if there is something wrong with the facing you can be sure the problem has led to further problems with the window itself. Homeowners regularly call us to inspect the windows where they think there may be a problem. Inspecting the exterior of the windows is part of home maintenance and is something that we recommend you do on a regular basis.

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