How to Prepare Your Home for a Summer Storm

lightning in a purple sky

Every summer comes with storms that roll in and unleash torrential rains, high winds and more. You can protect your home now by taking a few minutes to perform some summer storm prep and checks.

All of these storm preparation tips are also good to do anytime because they’ll protect your home from the sudden storm as well as slower damage that’s creeping in due to problem areas. Here are six things to consider:

1. Help Your Landscaping

One of the biggest dangers — and more extensive summer storm prep areas — tends to be the landscaping around your home. There are some obvious elements to look out for like trees that are rotting, have loose branches or hang far over your home, fence or other buildings.

However, there are also a few smaller items may escape your notice, but they’re just as important. Walk around your home’s exterior and make sure there’s at least six inches of space between any plants or pots and the side of your home. This space allows your home to properly push water away from the foundation, which will go a long way in keeping summer storms from doing major damage to your floors and basement.

2. Check Your Roof and Shingles

Take a look at your roof and check your yard for shingles before and after every summer storm. Areas that are balding, look loose or have falling shingles mean they need some help.

It’s our duty, as with any good storm preparation tip list, to recommend that you have certified roofers check your home. Ladders can be tricky, and you run the risk of damaging your roof if you walk across it incorrectly.

3. Flush Your Gutters

Clear out the winter’s remainder from your gutters each spring and give your home a quick check at the start of the summer. This is one of the best ways to prepare for a storm because it ensures water will flow away from your home instead of into it.

After you get the twigs and leaves out of the gutters, run water through your downspouts to make sure there are no hidden obstructions.

4. Don’t Stump Your Sump Pump

Prevent home damage by checking your sump pump as part of your annual summer storm prep. Get a thorough inspection to look at your lines and drainage. You want to remove any blockages in your piping, or you could see water back up during the first big rain.

5. Review Your Shutters and Windows

Shutters can protect your home and the people inside from flying glass if a window ever breaks during a major storm. Test your shutters, making sure they still work properly and that they can be closed quickly. Storm shutters are a smart idea if you live in an area that faces significant wind during your summer storms.

Also, check around each window and door to look for gaps where air — and water during a storm — can enter your home. Seal these up with the appropriate caulking to help protect the interior of your home from mold, mildew, and rot.

6. Prep Your Generator

Dangerous summer storm prep isn’t complete without a look at your generator. Many homeowners are turning to generators as a backup power source in the event of a power loss because they can keep many appliances running. If you plan to use a generator, make sure you have plenty of fuel and that its tank is full.

Also, check to see that it can reach the appliances you want to run without having to operate the generator indoors. Never run a generator indoors because the exhaust can kill you.

Severe summer weather is always a concern. However, with these tips on how to prepare for a summer storm and a little prep work, you’ll be safe and happy during the warm months.

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