How Replacement Windows Maximize Your Energy Efficiency

 width=Virginia has a beautiful and moderate, yet sometimes far-ranging, pattern of weather. For the most part, it is a relatively mild state, with average daytime temperatures in the summer reaching 88 degrees, and in the winter about 50 degrees. But Virginia’s climate is prone to extremes as well; temperatures have been known to go as high as 110 degrees in the summer and as low as -30 degrees in the winter. While these figures are not common, this broad range of possible temperatures nevertheless means that Virginia residents should be prepared for them, and having homes that are energy efficient is one of the chief ways to accomplish this.

The vast majority of Virginia homes were not built up to current standards of energy efficiency. One of the best ways to go about correcting this is to replace the windows on a home. Windows that are more than seven years old may not only be inefficient, but they may actually be costing the homeowner in energy. Traditionally, windows not only did not help reduce heat transfer but instead actively facilitated it. Older windows tend to allow a great deal of heat through, thus making it quite difficult to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But modern replacement windows, if used correctly, can cut back on all this lost energy.

Newer models of replacement windows have several unique innovations that allow them to be vastly more energy efficient. First, vinyl frames are much more resistant to leaks and weathering, and vinyl is a fabulous insulator. Secondly, most windows now are made with two panes of glass, in between which is a layer of argon gas. This serves to help capture some of the most harmful radiation from the sun. Finally, most windows manufactured currently are also treated with a glazing that helps reduce the amount of heat transferred between the two sides without overly decreasing the light that is let into the home.

Sunshine Contracting can install brand new energy efficient windows on a home that can help cut energy costs by as much as 20-30 percent over the course of a year. Virginia can suffer from extreme climates, so it is best to be prepared, and Sunshine Contracting can help you do that.

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