Gutters – A VA Home Improvement That Can Reduce Home Damage

Gutters on a house are not there to make  striking appearance; they are there to collect the rain and melting snow from the roof and direct it into drain spouts and move it harmlessly away from the home and its foundation. When homeowners consider a VA home improvement they sometimes overlook the importance of a quality gutter system that serves to protect their house and property.

In dealing with general contractors Virginia residents may want to have them look over their system to make sure it won’t cause them any problems. The gutters on a house need to be sloped towards the drains in order to be effective. If the gutter is perfectly level, the water will build up inside the gutter until it runs over the top and drips down onto the exterior walls.

When working on a VA home improvement project and water damage of your door or window jams is evident, it could be because the gutter system is not performing properly. Water can work its way into the sides of windows and doors and cause even more damage to the home. Additionally, if water is allowed to run unabated down the walls and into the home’s footer, it can lead to a damaged footer as well as wet basement walls.

There are different styles and colors of gutters available and a home improvement company can recommend what is best for each home, both in appearance and in functionality. One of the important things to consider when performing any type of VA home improvement is to have the contractor take a look at the gutters to ensure they are in good condition and sloping the right way to get rid of the water. Additionally, if you don’t want to climb up on the roof two or three times per year to clean leaves out of the gutter, ask the contractor about installing leaf guards to help keep them clear.

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