VA Home Improvement – Give Your Home the Finishing Touch with Trim & Accent Additions

Like a frame on a beautiful painting, new trim and accents on your home can add the right finishing touch and bring out the beauty of your newly remodeled home. The trim and accents can include several pieces and be designed or painted to match the existing color of your home or be a contrasting color to give it a bold new look. When it comes to home remodeling, Fairfax, VA. residents are discovering the different that new accent and trim can make on their home.

The type and location of the trim and accent features that can be a part of affordable home remodeling can vary, from the top of the home to the foundation. Some of the most common accent features on a home include:

  • Shutters, which can be either functional or merely decoration. Depending on the type of climate you reside in and the possible weather conditions, the shutters can serve as protection for your windows during a storm.
  • Soffit, which is the cover for the underside of your roof from the wall of the house to the overhanging part of the roof.
  • Fascia, which runs horizontally around your roof and is the connection between the soffit to the roof.
  • Window and door trimming, also called moulding, which includes the frame that surrounds each piece and is often one of the pieces that homeowners put the most thought into during a house renovation.

Not only do the individual accent pieces add a finishing touch, but the variety of choices in color and design provide even more options for home remodeling, Fairfax, VA. homeowners are discovering. Each of the pieces, as well as others, can be fabricated from wood, vinyl or earth-friendly recycled composite material.

When it comes to exterior home remodeling, Fairfax, VA. contractors are helping local homeowners put the accent on style and beauty.

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