Get a Colonial Look with Dentil Molding

Contractors, VA based especially, are receiving requests from homeowners for different types of molding installation in their homes. There are various types of moldings available, but one of the most popular is that of dentil molding. This is really true when Virginia licensed contractors are hired for remodeling old houses that were built in Colonial times. Yet, the timeless appeal of this elegant architectural style persists with newer homes as well.

What are dentil moldings?

For contractors, VA dentil moldings refer to square blocks that are placed horizontally under the crown molding. In order to have this type of molding installed by home remodeling contractors, you must have the crown molding installed first. The contractors are well able to do both installations together which will save you time and money. You won’t have to have them come back a second time to complete the Colonial look you want to achieve.

Why have contractors, VA, install molding?

When you want the best for your home you should hire the best and for molding installation the best means hiring skilled contractors. VA homes that have dentil molding installed are able to achieve a smoother look to the walls of the rooms because the square blocks cover the shadow that comes from the edge of the crown molding. In addition to achieving this purpose, they add a decorative effect to the walls making small rooms appear to be larger.

When you want to install crown and dentil moldings in your home, you can call on home improvement services to give you a quote on the cost of completing the work. One of the benefits of contacting licensed contractors is that they can supply the materials and the labor. This saves you time in having to buy the materials and get them to your home before the work can start on your home repair remodeling project.

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