Garden vs. Bay Windows

Garden Window

Windows can significantly increase the monetary value of your home — not to mention your overall quality of life. Several factors come into play when choosing the precise style and type of windows you want, including the architecture of your home, visual appeal and your available space.

Garden and bay windows both project outward to create more space within your home. They actually share several characteristics — they both have to be extra-strong and weather-resistant, since they have more surface area exposed to the elements. They both increase ventilation in your home and allow more natural light to flow in, giving you more energy efficiency.

You can enjoy the warmth of the sun and stop having to turn on so many lights during the day. They also both:

  • Lend a positive aesthetic view of your home from the street
  • Act as the focal point of any room you decide to place them in
  • Offer a peripheral view, allowing you to see the yard and neighborhood around you more clearly

What Is a Garden Window?

So you can get an unobstructed view of the area around you, the garden window is typically made of four panes of glass: two stationary panes in front and on top and two side panes you’ll be able to open easily for ventilation. You’ll be able to see the sky, since the top panel is glass as well, and you can customize the size of your garden window to fit your home and the room you choose to place it in.

Many people use garden windows as a display case for their houseplants or other favored items. If you choose to install your garden window in front of the kitchen sink, you can grow plants and fresh herbs in the direct sunlight and have them conveniently close to water.

Costs, Benefits and Uses of Bay and Bow Windows

So what is a bay window and what is a bow window? Both options arc in an outward direction to create more usable space in your home — not just the illusion of extra space like many other windows. The angle adds a ledge to your home you can take advantage of as a reading nook, window seat, nap zone or shelf. They do, however, have several key differences you’ll want to consider before ordering an installation:

  • Bay windows: With three window panels you can choose to have angled at 30 or 45 degrees, these windows jut out sharply. They usually have a stationary picture window in the center that is the largest and either a casement or double-hung window of about a quarter of the size on each side. Both side windows open.
  • Bow windows: These windows are more curved than bay windows. They can have three to five “lites,” or curved window panes, which makes them a good choice if you want a larger projection window. For superior ventilation and access to the outside world, every pane on a bow window can open.

Bay and bow windows are almost always more expensive than garden windows due to their size and other benefits. They vary wildly in cost due to customization options, but depending on size, they can reach $1,500 or more. Because they take more window panels, bow windows tend to be around ten to 15 percent more expensive than bay windows. While they don’t come cheap, their aesthetic appeal and usability offer a through-the-roof ROI.

We’ll Help You Make Your Decision

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