Exterior House Trends for 2022


If you’re making changes to the outside of your home, there are a lot of options out there. Whether you want to make a statement or pull inspiration from the classics, looking at the exterior home design trends for 2022 can help you make the right choice.

This year, homeowners are going bolder with their house exteriors, opting for high-contrast designs and deep, moody color choices. They’re also bringing the outdoors in through exterior updates, with more natural lighting options, exterior spaces and designs that match the home’s environment. Check out the exterior house trends in 2022 for more inspiration.

What Colors Are Trending for 2022?

Topping the list of house siding color trends in 2022 are high-contrast color schemes. A nice pop of color is an attractive way to draw attention and create variation. Often, you can create contrast with light walls and dark trim or vice versa.

One popular choice is a deep color like navy blue or black alongside off-white trim and accents. Similarly, light walls with natural colors such as beige or gray look good with darker trims. For a bold choice, you could even add a bright roof. Accent walls, common in interior designs, also create a nice contrast when used outside.

As for the colors themselves, moody, warm and natural tones are all popular, bringing bold hues to the exterior of the home. Trendy house colors include:

  • Deep tones: Dark exterior siding trends include colors like navy blue, forest green, maroon and dark brown. These all offer rich appearances and work well with lighter trims for contrasting color schemes.
  • Natural colors: Many of those deep tones take cues from nature. These warm, deep colors like greens, blues, grays and browns look great alongside landscaping components like bushes and trees.
  • Warm colors: Pure white was a beloved house color for years, but off-white, cream and softer grays are on the rise. They work well as a siding color, but they’re also a good choice for trim in those contrasting color schemes. This is because the contrast they create isn’t as harsh as what you’d find with a pure white trim.
  • Dark colors: Dark-on-dark color schemes are also picking up steam, along with all-black houses. Matte black siding is good for showing intricate details in styles like Victorian and Craftsman homes, and high-gloss finishes offer a neat, modern look.

Exterior Design Trends

When it comes to exterior home design trends, 2022 is seeing more emphasis on the great outdoors and functionality.

1. Textured and Natural Siding

House siding trends in 2022 are leaning toward more dynamic styles, using materials that add appealing shadows and textures. Homeowners are choosing to paint existing siding like brick or opt for insulated vinyl for enhanced energy efficiency.

You can use those materials around the entire home or in partial applications such as accent walls and front porches. They break up the monotony of a single color and blend in well with a natural environment. You’ll easily find siding and trim to suit a variety of styles.

2. Outdoor and Entertainment Spaces

Homeowners are turning their outdoor spaces into an extension of the home, with more permanent fixtures and matching decor. Popular additions include better seating and dining spaces like patios and decks, particularly with some type of partial covering, such as an overhang coming from the house. This type of covering also contributes to the “integrated” style, making the outdoor space feel like part of the house.

You can also contribute to this space with smart design choices, like the furniture, patterns and colors used. If the interior room leading out to the space has red accents, some red throw pillows and a blanket outside can tie everything together. Similarly, using indoor-outdoor tile in both places can help.

As for the home itself, creating a large entryway with plenty of visibility contributes to the overlap. You can do this by reducing wall space, instead opting for large windowed doors like French doorspatio doors and sliding doors.

3. Natural Lighting

After spending a lot of time indoors in 2020, many people went looking for ways to let more natural light in. Homeowners started increasing the number and size of windows, with floor-to-ceiling windows being a particularly popular choice. Other windows, like bay windows and garden windows, work well for creating cozy spaces that let the outside in.

When lighting up the outside of a home, people are exploring the many options that modern lighting tech has to offer, using it to create ambiance and reducing the harshness that traditionally comes with exterior lights. A porch sconce is no longer the extent of outdoor lighting. From spotlights and lanterns to cozy string lights, fire pits and hidden illuminators, lighting can truly become a central component of a home’s exterior that feels cohesive with both the environment and the home.

Motion sensors, timers and other tech can make outdoor lights feel like an extension of the house, too.

House with yellow siding with multiple windows to let natural light inside

4. Emphasis on Function

Traditionally, appearance has taken precedence over functionality, but that’s starting to change. Homeowners are more in-tune with the long-term investment of their home and the value that certain materials can add. They’re choosing to use materials that are durable, sustainable and easier to care for.

With ever-growing options for building materials, you can choose high-performing house siding that offers the best of both worlds. You can expect long-lasting colors, crack-resistant materials, realistic textures, energy efficiency and more in a wide range of styles and colors for whatever design you have in mind.

5. Minimalism and Modernism

These two styles continue to stay strong, with options for simplicity and character combined with sleek aesthetic appeal.

As the name implies, minimalism is all about eliminating unnecessary details, decorations and flourishes. It tends to use sharper geometric shapes, natural lighting, monochrome color schemes and wide, open spaces. It wants to be uncomplicated and functional in its simplicity.

Modernism features some similar elements, like smooth lines, natural light and the avoidance of complicated decor. Modern homes often have more attention-grabbing elements, with slightly bolder colors and natural materials.

Both are popular in exterior home design, with many people opting for these clean yet bold styles. You can make a statement without stepping into “showy” territory.

Update Your Home’s Exterior for 2022

If these trends have given you some inspiration, you’re not alone. There’s a reason these trends are so popular — people love the appearance and functionality that come with them. Whether you’re looking to make a few small changes or revamp your entire home, working with professionals is a necessity.

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