General Contractors in Virginia Offers Green Options Through the House

Homeowners who are concerned about the environment and their house’s impact have a lot to be happy about these days. More and more building material manufacturers are creating products that address these concerns and, in one way or another, can help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. From ceiling to floor, products are available through contractors in Virginia such as Sunshine Contracting that can make a home a “green” one.

Here are a few of the newer products on the market that can help you to help the environment:


Several of the major paint manufacturers are now producing lines of environmentally friendly paints that are free from volatile organic compounds, which were a major part of the paint producing process. Unfortunately, these VOCs emitted low levels of toxins into the air, which the Environmental Protection Agency called one of the major hazards to human health. The new paints have low or no VOC levels, which means reduced toxins and less harmful contaminants in landfills and groundwater when the paints are disposed. It’s an affordable home remodeling option that can make a big impact.


In an effort to reduce the impact on forests, manufactures of doors are turning to material other than freshly harvested trees to make doors and other wooden items in the home. Some are using wood chips that are left over from the manufacture of other products, or only using wood from specially managed forests. Still other companies have turned to fiberglass, steel or composite material, which last longer than wood and thus reduces the need to cut down more trees for home remodeling and repair projects.

Translucent wall panels

In areas where not only light is needed but also privacy, translucent wall panels can provide both when remodeling old houses. These panels allow natural light to enter a home but are opaque so that outsiders can’t see inside. In addition, a sunlight transport device may sound like something from the Star Trek television series, but it’s actually a set of panels that collect light from the outside and send it through to all parts of your home through the use of fiber optics. Both features reduce the need for electricity to light a home, thus reducing the energy demands of your home.

Homeowners who consult with contractors in Virginia can learn more about these and other options that can help them reduce the environmental impact of their home and keep things “green”.

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