How to Determine if Your Roof Needs Replacement During Winter

Winter is a time of year where you rely on the heat for comfort in your house. With the weather and precipitation that presents itself during the winter, there are many problems that could occur on the roof of the home. Snow and freezing rain produce ice, which can cause the roof to wear out and further problems to arise.

There are concerns with homeowners receiving a roof replacement in the winter season, but replacing your roof in the winter is safe!  Many homeowners think that because of the cold weather, the shingles cannot be replaced.  As long as the temperature is above 35 degrees, your roof can be replaced.  Contact us at Sunshine Contracting to learn more about your roof replacement in Fairfax County! Of course, there are obvious signs that your roof needs to be restored. One of the most apparent is a leak. With a buildup of snow and the heavy pressure it lays on your roof, the chances of a leak greatly increase. However, it’s important to understand that leaks don’t just suddenly appear, there is a buildup of events that lead to a leaking roof.   If you notice a leak on your roof, contact Sunshine Contracting immediately to avoid further damage to your roof and interior drywall.

Shingles. The older shingles are, the more brittle they become. Shingles have protective granules, but if you see that the shingles are cracked, torn, missing, or experiencing curled edges, then it’s best to have the stability of your roof checked.

Flashing. Roof flashing is designed to direct the flow of water. It is made of sheet metal and can be a cause for concern when water appears in the home. The material is installed at angles or joints, and the performance is relative to the nail placement. Most leaks, in the winter especially, occur where roofs change in direction, which directly correlates to flashing.

You should thoroughly check the interior of the attic or your highest floor throughout the winter to ensure your roof is in good condition. Once you start to notice that your wallpaper is peeling, there are frequent chips in the paint, or the ceiling looks to be caving in, it could be time for roof replacement in your Loudoun County home.


Remember, evaluate all variables, decide on new materials, and give your roof the protection it needs by replacing the roof deck with a reliable contracting team. We’re available throughout the winter to ensure your roof is stable. If there are any signs of concern, contact us at Sunshine Contracting – we are happy to help you throughout the process and help guide you along the way to have a seamless, painless roof replacement process for you.

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