Why Choosing the Right Manufacturer for Your Roof Adds Value to Your Property

If you are remodeling your house, you can’t forget about the roof. The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, as it keeps you protected from storms and debris flying around. There are a number of roofing manufacturers you can choose from for your shingles, but how do you know if you have made the right choice?

When you need a roof replacement in Prince William County, make sure you do your research. Know your budget and know what you want. Use the shingles on your roof to complement the color of your siding, or make the style stand out. Depending on whether you have a sloped roof, flat roof, gabled roof, or even a barn roof, you have plenty of options. We can make recommendations on what material would work best on your particular roof, but it’s your decision.

With Sunshine Contracting, we provide and install CertainTeed, GAF, Waldun Cedar Shakes, and even Eco-Star composites when you want to benefit the environment. CertainTeed has a quality shingle and is known for their Landmark series, with three major categories of asphalt shingles. The Waldun Group uses cedar wood in their material for various buildings, so you should be aware of the product and material before implementing them onto your home. Use the eco-star when you need a sustainable steep-slope replacement roof that is eco-friendly. Eco-Star manufactures with recycled rubbers and plastics for optimal resistance to weather conditions.

Then, there is the GAF. GAF is regarded as the largest manufacturer in the country. Sunshine Contracting was named a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor due to our reputation and commitment to install a full roofing system. GAF, as a weather stopper, offers your home more protection and satisfaction than other manufacturers. With this certification, we are ranked in the top 2 percent of roofing contractors in the nation, so you can trust our team to solve your roofing situation. This product has the highest quality of shingles, incorporates energy efficient shingles in multiple colors, and is the perfect choice for any home in Virginia. Our popular Timberline shingles from GAF will last a lifetime, leaving you confident in your home’s new look, adding value once it comes time to move.

Choosing the right manufacturer for your roof replacement in Fairfax County adds eye appeal and worth to your property, allowing your house to stand out. Make sure you contract a trained and certified company to avoid further problems during your replacement.

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