What are the Benefits of Leaf Protection Systems for Your Gutters?

The downfall of gutter maintenance is when you have to dig out your ladder and manually pick leaves and other debris out to keep the water flowing and avoid damage. Luckily, there’s an alternative that helps to sidestep putting yourself on the roof. With our selection of leaf protection systems, your gutter will be virtually maintenance free.

As fall approaches and the leaves will soon be covering the yard, we’ve decided to clue you in on some of the benefits of a leaf protection system for your seamless gutter.  One of those benefits is helping you to decrease manual labor, but how will a leaf protection system from a reliable installer help maintain your foundation and keep the property safe? We offer gutter installations in Prince WilliamStaffordFairfax and Loudoun County.

Convenience: With a leaf protection system, you won’t need to hire gutter cleaners before, during, and after the fall season. Acting as a gutter guard, any rainwater and precipitation will flow freely to the downspout without hitting the obstacles that leaves, twigs, and other debris presents. Your home is kept safe without the hassle of consistently cleaning the gutter, providing optimal convenience.

Clog-Free: Leaf Protection Systems are made from durable, high gauge aluminum that resist damage. The aluminum consists of tiny holes that act as graters, spanning the entire length of the protector. The holes allow water to reach the gutter, and travel down the spout away from the home without clogging. Clogged gutters can have a devastating impact on the home’s foundation, as the water is not diverted from the home, but stuck to seep through the roof or weaken your foundation.

Maintains Foundation: The biggest problem that gutters without a protection system encounter is the backlog of debris that flies around when gusts of wind pick up. Water that builds up due to clogging will look for a way out. It will settle underneath roof shingles, cause damage to the entire gutter, or harm the siding. Sitting water weakens the foundation and leads to expensive repairs to ensure the home is not contaminated from dirty water. With the clog-free, convenient leaf protection systems, you can be confident your foundation is maintained.

Take advantage of 20% off when you contact our certified team of gutter installers in Fairfax County today. Take charge of your gutters this fall, and get a replacement or a leaf protection system on your seamless gutter to save money in the long run.

Older homes that are not up to date on the latest exterior remodeling technologies should think about  installing a leaf protection system on the gutters when:

  • The gutters have screens that block debris but must be manually cleaned often.
  • The gutter doesn’t function and drain properly.
  • Rust in the gutter causes leaks.
  • Regular clogging that needs to be cleared.

Think about how a leaf protector will benefit your home, and contact our crew at Sunshine Contracting Corporation for a free estimate. Before you get on that ladder when the leaves start to fall, now is the time for a replacement. Let us know if you have any questions.

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