Benefits of Attic Insulation for Your Home

The change of seasons and weather provides numerous obstacles for the home. Home maintenance is vital, and as homes age, the air quality weakens, leaving you and your family living uncomfortably. Winter is approaching, and soon we’ll be using our heaters to maintain a comfortable temperature. We all know heat rises, so when your attic isn’t insulated, the cold air and condensation will seep through the roof, and the heat will escape outdoors.

You could look at options for a roof replacement in Fairfax County, or you could look at the major benefits that are offered to you by attic insulation. The insulation seals the attic floor and reduces energy costs. We use fiberglass insulation, which provides your home with exceptional thermal efficiency. This is the best way to prevent air from escaping while stopping air from coming into the house. Your blown-in attic insulation will be non-combustible, and easy to handle when you need to get in and out of your attic.

 width=Plus, there are additional benefits that are extremely important, and they include:

Energy Savings: Up to 70 percent of the energy used in your home is due to heating and cooling costs. With poor insulation in the attic, you could be wasting an enormous amount of energy without even realizing it. Insulation, combined with air sealing, will prevent the formation of dangerous ice dams and water damage in the winter.

Increases Value of Home: Though remodeling the home can add appeal and protection, insulating the attic is an easy way to increase its value. Not only will it boost your home comfort, the added protection from outside condensation and ice melting into the attic provides a value that isn’t seen. When your home is properly insulated, expect to live comfortably through the year.

R-Value: Refers to the insulation performance by measuring the resistance of heat flowing through the insulation. Higher R-value is equivalent to greater resistance, meaning less heat will seep out of the home during the winter months. Our insulation offers you an R-value of between R38 and R60, which is recommended in Virginia. There should be at least 12 inches on insulation in your attic, and our blown-in method helps you achieve this goal.


Our method of blown-in fiberglass insulation is the desired technique when your attic has unfinished floors. When you realize the insulation in your home isn’t efficiently keeping the heat inside, contact Sunshine Contracting Corporation, and our team will ensure you are saving money while living comfortably this winter.

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