Home Improvement Virginia – Bay and Bow Windows Expand Your Options

A house is, of course, not a two-dimensional object, but standard flat windows can make it seem that way. Instead of enhancing a home’s appearance and making it stand out from all of the others on the street, a row of common windows can give it a ho-hum appearance. But when it comes to innovation in home remodeling, Virginia homeowners are discovering a new dimension in windows: bay and bow windows.

If you’re unfamiliar with these window types, bay and bow windows are curved structures that extend outward from a house and create a unique appearance from the outside and inside. Including bay and bow windows in your home remodeling and repair project can enhance the look of your home and make it stand out from the ordinary. In addition, bay and bow windows can create additional space in your home that offers a number of design options.

Bay windows are windows that generally come in three sections. The side sections of the bay window angle outward and meet the center section on either side. Bow windows are similar but instead of a sharp angled window, they gently curve outward. The angled and curved design of bay and bow windows creates a sweeping effect and creates more space on the windowsill. This space can be used to house plants and give them plenty of sunshine. Or place a few pillows in this area and it can become a cozy place to sit in the sun and read a good book. Bay and bow windows are a great design option when remodeling old houses.

Bay and bow windows generally include a single pane of glass in the center that remains fixed. The panels on the side open to allow in fresh air and can be casement windows, double hung or any number of other styles. These panels can be single panes as well, or split into sections to match existing windows during an exterior home remodeling project.

Home remodeling, Virginia homeowners are discovering, doesn’t have to be the same old thing. Expand your horizons with bay and bow windows and give your home an entirely new dimension.

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