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Atrium Vinyl Double Hung Windows
Atrium offers several lines of vinyl double hung windows that are known for their strength and durability. This strength is due in large part to the process of fusion-welding that is standard for every Atrium window product.

Sunshine Contracting offers the following lines of Atrium double hung windows (click below on each line to read more about styles, color options, and U-factors):

Each Atrium double hung window also provides the ultimate in functionality. The independent movement of each glass panel allows the user to open and close the windows with little hassle. Independent movement also provides a simpler way to clean both inside and out. Cleaning is further aided by Atrium’s window-tilt technology, which allows the glass to be tilted inward or outward.

The standard glass panels used in Atrium double hung windows are nearly an inch thick, providing thermal efficiency and reducing interior condensation. The condensation reduction is also due in part to Atrium’s industry-leading “warm edge technology.”

Further, purchasing an Atrium window guarantees smooth operation for years to come. This is because of the stainless steel balance system that is built into each and every Atrium window. The balance system ensures that the window slides smoothly by providing a constant frictional force.

Atrium windows also provide excellent sound insulation, reducing the intrusion of exterior noise and the amount of noise that escapes the structure where the windows are installed.

For regions prone to severe weather, Atrium also offers a line of impact-resistant products that are guaranteed to withstand higher wind-speed and impacts than typical double hung windows. Other options include custom sizes and decorative glass, as well as a limited choice of colors. The standard colors offered are desert tan and white.

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