About Proper Attic Ventilation

 width=Homeowners are always concerned about ensuring that they have insulation in the attic, but they do not realize the importance of ensuring that the attic has proper ventilation systems in place. VA contractors, such as Sunshine Contracting, do receive calls about mold or condensation in the attic portion of the home. In the majority of cases, when we do the inspection we find that the attic does not have enough ventilation to prevent this from happening.


Attic ventilation in warm weather months

When your attic is well insulated it is very hot during warm weather. To prevent this heat from coming down into the rest of the house and making it very uncomfortable, even with air-conditioning, it is important to have vents in the attic to allow the build-up of heat to escape. You may be surprised to hear VA contractors tell you that the fact that the attic is not vented enough is one of the reasons why your electricity costs are so high. Our professionals at Sunshine Contracting have seen very high temperatures in attics that have cause deterioration to occur on the shingles.

Attic ventilation in the cold months of the year

You may have the idea that when the weather starts to turn colder you have to close up the vents in the attic. Such is not the case. By discussing this with VA contractors you will see that there are many benefits to ensuring that your attic is ventilated at all times of the year. Here are some of the benefits you will learn about if you ask any of our expert staff at Sunshine Contracting:

  • Prevention of moisture build-up on the structure of the home, such as the rafters in the attic
  • Prevention of ice dams developing along the lower edge of the roof
  • Minimize the possibility of mold developing in the attic

Many of the roofing problems we encounter are the result of improper attic ventilation. Homeowners don’t realize how important this aspect of regular maintenance is and as a result they rarely inspect the attic for signs of possible trouble. They only notice what is happening on the outside and by then it may be too late to minimize the cost of the repairs. Regular attic inspection as well as having ventilation is vital in making sure that your roof is safe from damage and therefore your home and family are safe as well.

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