Investing your money back into your home will beautify the place where you live and keep up the market price should you ever decide to sell.

To keep up the value of your home, you should put at least 1% of the cost of your home back into it each year through renovation and maintenance. Following these 2021 remodeling trends will add value to your home and let you live in sleek, contemporary comfort.

1. Exterior Upgrades

Nothing makes a more significant impression on your neighbors and potential buyers than the curbside appeal of your home. Simple upgrades like installing a new front door can show potential buyers that your home keeps up with current styles and trends before they even step inside. Installing new siding is another way to bring your house up to date. In 2021, siding colors such as creamy whites and dramatic dark tones are more popular than ever.

When it comes to increasing your home’s value, replacing your roof is the largest and most cost-efficient exterior upgrade you can make. Replacing your old roof will prevent interior water damage and draw potential buyers to your home for its promise of low maintenance. By installing a new roof, your home’s appraisal price could jump by $15,000 or more, depending on the size. While working on your exterior, also consider replacing your old gutters with new gutters in aluminum or copper.

2. Replace Old Windows

In an older home, the easiest way to save money on your electricity bill is to replace old windows that let your heating and cooling escape from your home. When replacing your old windows, look specifically for energy-efficient models with features like multi-layered glass and virgin vinyl to keep your heating and cooling in while keeping the elements out. Switching out your windows with energy-efficient models can save you money in cold winters and hot summers.

Aesthetically, 2021 is all about replacing old curved windows with straight and modern rectangular frames. Large picture windows will bring the outside inside and draw buyers in. With wood accents making a comeback, try opting for new windows with wooden frames.

3. Improve Energy Efficiency

Decrease your energy bill even further by making your home as energy-efficient as possible with insulated vinyl siding. When you choose us to install insulated vinyl siding, you can minimize the amount of hot and cool air that escapes from your home. Our Progressive Foam fullback contoured insulation is made from a rigid foam designed to support and fit behind your siding profile. This process improves your insulation’s R-value, and you can recoup the money you invest on the siding as your energy bills start to decrease.

Whether you’re staying or planning to sell, energy-efficient options will keep your money in your pockets.

4. Look at Market Trends

Exterior wood accents have become increasingly popular and add a soft natural look to your home’s exterior. For example, wooden windows lend a classic and warm look to your home. If you’re looking to invest in windows and doors to improve your facade, pick large picture frames with straight edges. Impressive architectural doors with neutral colors and wood tones are also soaring in popularity.

Contrasting black and white alongside natural accents is one of the biggest exterior trends of 2021. By updating your sidingtrims and accents to feature contrasting colors in dark and rich and creamy light tones, you can increase your home’s curbside appeal and show you’re on the cutting-edge of design trends in 2021.

5. Give Your Home a Clean and Sleek Appearance

The appearance of an old roof, siding, windows or doors can decrease your home’s curb appeal and make potential buyers only think of maintenance and renovations. By updating your exterior and incorporating energy-efficient options, you can give potential buyers peace of mind as they dream about purchasing a move-in-ready home. Updating your home with clean and sleek exterior features also lets you live in luxury and shows potential buyers they can do the same.

Invest in new exterior upgrades and give you and your family peace of mind today.

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