5 Questions to Ask the Virginia Contractor You Have Hired

Ensure that the Virginia contractor you have chosen for your home improvement or remodeling project will get the job done by asking them a few essential questions before they get to work:

If I am not satisfied with any aspect of the work you have done, will you be able to make changes?

When it comes to home remodeling, sometimes it happens that a part of the project – the decoration of the walls, or maybe the style of the windows – doesn’t turn out as expected. In that case, it’s great when the contractor is ready to make changes without overcharging you.

Where will you use flashing for the roof?

Many roofs leak because of flashing failure, rather than because of shingle damage. Home remodeling contractors should do the flashing properly.

Will you dispose of debris properly?

Not all leftover materials from a home remodeling project can be thrown away with common trash. Some will have to be collected and recycled or sent to special dumps. The contractor should take care of this.

Do you expect me to make the final payment before the work is completed?

The answer should be no. Be wary of a Virginia contractor who requires pay before the home improvement or remodeling project is complete.

What payment method do you use?

Professional home improvement contractors use mail invoicing after the milestones set before the start of the project are completed. When the contractor wants to be paid in cash, immediately after the work is done this denotes a lack of professionalism, and it’s preferable to avoid working with such contractors if possible.

If during the home improvement or remodeling work you have any questions to ask your Virginia contractor, don’t hesitate to ask them. You will prevent many misunderstandings.

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