5 Home Insulation Don’ts

Home insulation keeps your house warmer during winter and cooler during summer, helping you cut energy costs. But as any professional home improvement VA based company will tell you, it is crucial to consider carefully the type of insulation you pick, as well as where you put it. Avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Do not try to stuff a space with fiberglass insulation thinking this will improve the effectiveness of the insulation. The insulation might get crushed, and then it will end up becoming less effective. For best results, let a home improvement contractor put the insulation into place.
  • Do not burn leftover insulation. Burnt insulation is bad for the environment and bad for your lungs. If you use a building contractor, choose one who will dispose of it accordingly, taking it in plastic bags to the trash dump.
  • Do not block the gable vents when insulating your attic. Bad airflow leads to condensation that will cause mold, which will destroy the insulation. Improving the airflow in a house is one of the most important things to do during house renovation, and experienced home improvement VA contractors know it.
  • Do not forget to install a polyethylene or plastic barrier over insulated walls to reduce moisture. Moisture can cause a lot of damage inside a home, not only to the walls and ceilings, but also to your personal belongings. So install that plastic barrier even if it doesn’t seem at first a necessary expense.
  • Do not try to install fiberglass insulation all by yourself without wearing protective equipment. Inhaling fiber glass can cause fatal respiratory diseases. Reduce all risks by leaving the insulating to experts.

Because installing insulation properly is not always easy, it’s recommended that you use home improvement VA based contractors to get the best value for your money.

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