When considering buying home improvement services from VA contractors in order to increase the value of your home it’s important to choose the improvements that provide the best return on investment. That’s because not all improvements that make living more comfortable are necessarily good for boosting the value of your home.

  • Make essential repairs

Fix leaking roofs, broken windows, rundown doors, peeling paint, rusted gutters, damaged siding and so on before you do more specialized improvements, because all these will increase the value of your home. Not to mention that they will make it more marketable.

  • Install new windows

Not for decorative purposes, but for improving the energy efficiency in your home, lowering the cost of energy bills. Choose home improvement contractors that install windows with UV protection and you cannot go wrong.

  • Install a green roof

A green roof looks stunning and makes your house special. A simpler and more cost-effective solution can be a designer roof with solar panels that increases your home’s energy efficiency. Home buyers are increasingly interested in green houses, so any green home improvement will boost the value of your property.

  • Build a new deck

A deck adds square footage to your home, and this increases the value if your property. For best results use experienced Virginia deck builders and choose a composite or pressure-treated deck that will last a long time and maintain a fresh look.

  • Improve the kitchen and the bathrooms

Home buyers are always interested in a spacious and well-equipped kitchen and a good bathroom. Improve these as well as you can, and you won’t regret your investment. VA contractors can help you with these.

In the end keep in mind that spending $10,000 on home improvements doesn’t mean your house will be worth $10,000 more. Some improvements provided by VA contractors improve the living conditions, but don’t increase the price of the property.

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