5 Benefits of Casement Windows

Kitchen Sink Casement Windows
Offering classic lines and superior functionality, casement window styles continue to attract homeowners. These windows have remained a mainstay for generations thanks to their many benefits. Whether you’re thinking about replacing all or some of your current windows, learning about the casement windows’ advantages can help you make the right choice.

What Is a Casement Window?

Casement windows open outward, almost like mini doors. Simply turn a handle on a crank, and the windows slowly give you more access to the outside.

The most visually noticeable difference between casement and other types of windows is that casement windows allow you to make the most of the window opening by not having a center mullion. Read on to learn some of the benefits of casement windows.

1. Provide Exceptional Airflow

By design, you can open casement windows all the way depending on your needs. The same isn’t true for other windows, such as double-hung styles that can only partially open up or down.

The ability to completely open your windows lets you capture breezes more easily. This also creates a more generous amount of airflow streaming through your house. If you appreciate ventilating your home with natural breezes whenever possible, casement windows will perfectly fit your needs. When used with screens, they let in the fresh air while keeping unwanted particles and insects out. This makes them the best windows for ventilation.

Many people love having casement windows in their kitchens and bathrooms to quickly bring in exterior air.

2. Add Architectural Distinction

Homeowners often want their residences to look unique but traditional. Stylish casement windows can provide a sense of class and charm that match any style of home.

Whether you want to retrofit older windows in a mid-century bungalow or give your 2000s-era two-story Colonial a facelift, casement windows ensure that you add appeal without losing functionality. You might wonder, “Can casement windows be customized to fit my home’s design?” The answer is a resounding yes. Modern casement windows come in various designs to suit any architectural style.

3. Work Well With Other Window Styles

As an added benefit of casement windows, they tend to look attractive with other types of windows. This allows you to further mix and match your casement windows with double-hung windows, picture windows, and unusually shaped windows.

How do you know which window to replace with a casement variety? Generally speaking, you’ll want to choose a room that could use more airflow and unfettered access to the outside. You may even want to talk with a contractor about adding a casement window to a wall that currently has no window view. Considering casement windows vs other styles, they offer versatility and aesthetic appeal that can enhance your home’s overall look.

4. Receive High Security Ratings

You want to protect your house and everyone in it. Why not think about the security aspects of casement windows?

Casement windows shut thoroughly on all sides, making it extremely challenging for a person to break in. Even if someone breaks the glass while trying to gain entry to your home, reaching in to turn the crank can be challenging. Consequently, casement windows get high marks from individuals and families that want their windows to be safe and attractive. Durable casement windows are an excellent choice for anyone prioritizing security.

5. Boost Energy Efficiency

Saving money is always important for homeowners. Energy efficient casement windows can be shut tightly by hand, enabling you to seal the window and stop energy loss.

If you like the idea of spending less on your utility bills, consider casement windows. They’ll help you keep more money in your pocket every year without requiring you to give up your desire for a window that can completely open.

Purchase Casement Windows for Your Northern Virginia Home

Are casement windows better than other options? When you want unobstructed views and incredible airflow from your new windows, choose the casement style. At Sunshine Contracting, we can install modern casement windows that fit your home. With tons of options on the market, you’re sure to find something perfect for your home.

For more information or to schedule a consultation for casement window installation in northern Virginia, contact Sunshine Contracting today.

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