3 Tips for Finding The Most Cost-Effective Home Upgrades

As the population in Virginia continues to grow, so does the demand for homes, and this demand is prompting many homeowners to start remodeling, looking for top dollar. One of the main secrets to home renovations is to find upgrades that are not merely cosmetic but functional as well. Such renovations will increase curb appeal and extend the life of the home.

1. Since many of Virginia’s homes are a bit older, many of them do not meet the higher standards of energy efficiency that are becoming the industry standard. Because of this, residents looking to find the most cost-effective ways to remodel their home should consider projects that add energy efficiency to the home. While this may sound like a difficult project, sometimes increasing a home’s energy rating can be as simple as adding more insulation to an attic. Well-insulated attics can cut a home’s energy cost by as much as 50 percent, so this is perhaps the most cost-effective upgrade anyone can make.

2. Homes also tend to lose energy through doors and windows, and older homes may even have windows that are downright detrimental to the home’s heating and cooling costs. New windows and doors can give a home instant curb appeal, helping it stand out tremendously from others in the area, and again will help cut back on the energy cost of the home.

3. Homeowners should also consider products that are going to be durable and weather resistant. Sunshine Contracting uses HardiPlank siding, GAF roof shingles, and pressure treated wood fences, all of which can stand up to even the most strenuous weather conditions. For resale value, these projects are nearly unmatched. If a potential buyer knows there is a good likelihood that he or she will never have to replace the roof, the fence, or the siding, they will feel quite comfortable buying the house. These are the kinds of projects that not only beautify but also add longevity to the home.

All of these remodeling projects have a dollar value in resale that is in most cases greater than the cost of installation, making them some of the most cost-effective projects you can undertake.

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