How to Find the Cause of Drafty Windows

If you’ve begun to feel cold breezes throughout your residence, you’re likely experiencing the effects of drafty windows. Though numerous factors can cause windows to become drafty, there are also a handful of ways you can guard against them.

Causes of Drafty Windows

Drafty windows let outside air into your home, making indoor areas intemperate while boosting energy bills. If you’ve noticed cool air emanating from your windows but can’t identify the problem, there are several potential causes that could be at fault.

Natural Wear and Tear

Even the highest-quality windows experience natural wear and tear over time. As time passes, your weatherstripping — the materials used to seal your windows — can twist, become packed together or wear away, letting in air leaks and creating cold spots in your home.

Old Age

Older windows are more vulnerable to inadequacies than newer ones. If your windows are several decades old, they may have structural damage like warping and cracking, leaving small rifts in the wood that can let in cold air.

Excessive Moisture

If you live in a location that’s prone to high humidity or frequent rainfall, your windows have probably experienced damage. The moisture from these climates can seep into your windows, breaking the protective seal and creating water damage. It’s a good rule of thumb to wipe away condensation with a dry cloth when you notice moisture on your windows.

Window Materials

Some window materials are more energy-efficient than others. That’s why it’s essential to consider the weather conditions in your area and choose your windows accordingly.

Aluminum windows are less energy-efficient than vinyl because they transmit air at a higher rate and are vulnerable to air infiltration. Wood windows can also cause drafts because they can warp and breach when exposed to moisture.

Cracked Caulk

Caulk acts as a barrier between your home’s exterior and the outdoor air. Over time, the weather causes your windows to expand and contract, wearing down the caulk and creating minuscule cracks that allow cold air to enter. Improper caulk installation can also result in cracks and fractures.

Drafty Window Solutions

There are a few simple fixes you can implement to help protect your windows from drafts, including:

  • Applying plastic window wrap: Window wraps are plastic covers you can spread over your windows to temporarily prevent air entry.
  • Inserting a draft stopper: These are cylindrical cloth tubes you can position on your windowsill to block drafts from entering your home.
  • Implementing storm windows: Storm windows are plexiglass or acrylic inserts that you can place inside your window frame to increase insulation.

Should I Replace My Drafty Windows?

Though there are various ways to arm your windows against air infiltration, the best way to correct drafty windows is to replace them entirely. Replacing your windows enables you to forego the DIY repairs and temporary solutions by allowing professionals to install new, more reliable models that make your home more comfortable and lower your energy usage.

You should consider professional window replacements if your windows:

  • Are more than a decade old
  • Lack energy-efficiency
  • Have mold build-up
  • Have gaps in the frame
  • Cannot withstand your climate
  • Are cracked, warped or otherwise visibly damaged

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