The Three Most Popular Front Porch Options for Your Home

Once you have decided to either replace or add a front porch, you will face numerous choices of style and various other options. The three most popular styles are popular because they fit many types of houses, they are cost effective and they are highly functional.

  • The Gable-style porch. This porch is attached to a stairway leading into the home. It is typically small, in fact is usually the width of the stairway, and has a top landing before you enter the doorway. This porch is roofed over with a gable-style roof or awning and functions to provide a place for a couple of visitors to stand as they make deliveries or knock on the front door. You can place columns or posts to support a gabled roof or leave the porch open.
  • The Wraparound porch. The wraparound option is a highly desired porch especially for homes with multiple levels. Victorian homes almost always sport a beautiful wraparound porch. Wraparound porches are wonderful for homes located in areas where the weather is nice most of the year. Typically people who have wraparound porches will often place swings or other seating on their porch and spend a bit of time sitting on their porch enjoying the outdoors. This porch is protected from above by an eave that is typically added to the home in order to accommodate the porch. Columns support the overhanging eaves and often a front porch such as this has the capability to attach electrical items such as a ceiling fan for added comfort.
  • The Enclosed Porch. This porch is also greatly desired, especially for those who love feeling part of the outdoors most of the year. The enclosed porch is also commonly called the ‘three season’ porch because you can adapt the porch depending on the season. For example, in the spring and summer, screen panels can be placed in the brackets. When the weather is cooler, the screens can be exchanged for glass panes, creating more of a ‘sun’ room. The panels can also be removed completely if the owner desires a more open front porch.

No matter which style you choose, be sure that you are using the best building materials and be sure to closely follow building directions. Make sure you have the proper permits and that you understand how to deal with drainage and foundation issues. With a little work, you can create a beautiful addition to your home.


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