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The Best Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Beechworth Windows specializes in premium fiberglass windows and patio doors. Their products are consistently rated well for strength, efficiency, durability and conductivity, meaning fewer maintenance concerns to worry about in the future. Modernize your home with energy efficient fiberglass replacement windows.


What Makes Beechworth Windows a Great Replacement Window?

Features and benefits of Beechworth windows include:

  • Engineered composite fiberglass
  • Custom-made to your specifications
  • Engineered to match well with James Hardie siding colors
  • Made with high-thermal ENERGY STAR®-rated glass
  • Warm, real wood interiors come in your choice of white, primed or natural wood
  • Made with long-lasting hardware in your choice of four finishes
  • Durable coatings resist peeling and cracking
  • Increased-visibility screens improve aesthetics and function

Why Fiberglass?

Beechworth fiberglass windows are made of materials that move in harmony through hot summers and cold winters. Proportional movement across all these materials reduces the risk of broken and failing seals. Fiberglass is the best material to give you protection from the weather, while the wood interior adds beauty and character to your home.


Shrinking or expanding frames due to thermal expansion are the main cause for window failures including:

  • Seal failure and condensation
  • Air leakage
  • Difficulty opening and closing

Fiberglass doesn’t expand and contract away from the glass like other materials, which reduces window failures.

Are Beechworth Windows Right For You?

If you already have James Hardie siding on your home or may consider it in the future, Beechworth window replacement is likely the choice most aligned to your taste and expectations. Together, these two products beautify and protect your home, while improving its energy efficiency and interior comfort levels.

Quality is paramount in the Hardie-Beechworth family of products. Beechworth windows provide low-maintenance fiberglass that won’t warp, fade or crack even with temperature extremes. Stronger than vinyl windows, Beechworth replacement windows hold their shape extremely well and are less prone to sticking than vinyl or cheap imitations.

Available in most of today’s popular exterior finish colors, Beechworth replacement windows complement any home design, style or color. Even the internal hardware is available in four metallic color choices: white, tan, brushed nickel and rustic bronze. Grilles and grille patterns add extra character to windows and charm to any home.

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