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If you’ve always wanted your own greenhouse but you don’t exactly own 40 acres of land, garden windows may be a way for you to get a little piece of the green life. For a unique look that can change the character of any room in your home, consider this type of replacement window when remodeling time comes around.

Garden windows are relatively simple way to bring more light into a home and create a green space right in your very own living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. In addition to creating a small oasis of tranquility, having a garden window can provide your home with an extra dose of oxygen.

A typical garden window design consists of a main front panel of fixed glass, with two panels on the side. The side panels are usually the panels that are opened and can either be double hung windows or vents.

The major attraction of garden windows is in the name itself. Most homeowners who have garden windows use them to display an array of plants of different varieties. The greenery can brighten any room and can cleanse the air as well. Add an optional shelf to the garden window and you double the amount of greenery you can add to the space.

We proudly offer garden window installation to residents of Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Stafford County and surrounding areas.


Why Use Sunshine Contracting to Replace Your Windows?

To read about our Sunshine Contracting Window Installation Process and meet our Installation Team, visit our Window Processes & Installation team page!  Meet Lee and Seu and learn about how your windows are replaced.

At Sunshine Contracting, we take pride in what we do and we are constantly striving to improve. Sunshine Contracting has over 24 years of window replacement experience and we use the same crew for every installation, unlike other companies that subcontract their installations and you never know who you will get to install your windows – this creates inconsistency in installation and causes servicing issues down the road.

Alside Garden Window  The Alside Garden window is a unique and beautiful touch to your home.  Imagine being able to place fresh plants, flowers, and herbs on the shelf in your garden window and watching them grow!  The garden window allows you to bring the outside in without sacrificing comfort.

Additional Manufacturers

Additional Garden Window Manufacturers Offered

In addition to Alside, Sunshine Contracting sells garden windows made by other manufacturers including:


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